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Beaded Sterling Silver, Premium Blue & Gold Namibian Pietersite & Tahitian Pearl Limited Edition Bracelet


Stones: Premium grade Blue & Gold Pietersite from Namibia, Africa, 10MM Grade AA+ Tahitian Pearl

Metal:  Sterling Silver Patterned beads

Gauge: 10 MM

Closure: Strung on stretch cord

Style No: SSOK-31 Limited Edition Beaded

Stones for Life Guarantee! Every piece you purchase from Spherica grants you the ability to rework these limited-edition gemstones into any future customized piece or restrung at any time on either stretch cord, or onto any of our many premium cloth cord colors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We happily cover the cost to restring any beaded bracelet you buy so your jewelry is always fresh, fits perfectly + looks it’s very best. 

The Backstory:

Introducing the Exquisite Namibian Pietersite & Tahitian Pearl Limited Edition Beaded Bracelet – The Ultimate Talisman Stone for the Modern Man

Experience the essence of rare beauty and unparalleled quality with our premium Namibian Pietersite & Tahitian Pearl Beaded Bracelet, expertly handcrafted for the modern man of discerning taste. Designed exclusively for those who seek the extraordinary, this limited-edition gemstone jewelry piece embodies a level of sophistication and uniqueness with attention to detail.


this limited edition piece is meticulously handcrafted with the finest Namibian Pietersite and an incredible 10MM Tahitian Pearl surrounded by stunning quality sterling silver patterned beads. This remarkable piece is designed with you in mind, designed exclusively for the modern man who appreciates fine, rare gemstone jewelry that can be worn daily from office to evening.


Discover the allure of Pietersite, an exclusive gemstone as remarkable as the wearer. Found only in two corners of the world, the rugged landscapes of Namibia, Africa, and the enchanting Hunan province in China, this stone possesses an unparalleled beauty in all of the gemstone world and is our favorite pick of all men’s gemstones.


At Spherica, we spare no effort in sourcing the highest-grade Pietersite available, ensuring that each bracelet in our collection showcases the absolute pinnacle of this mesmerizing stone. With its unique swirls, distinctive colors, and fascinating chatoyancy, top-grade Pietersite is a true masterpiece created by the hands of Mother Nature herself.


Beyond its breathtaking aesthetics, Pietersite is said to hold profound metaphysical significance, making it the ultimate talisman stone for men. It is believed to ignite a radiant inner light, guiding you on your personal journey toward success and fulfillment. By activating the sacral and solar plexus chakras, as well as the third eye, this remarkable gemstone creates a harmonious surge of energy, empowering your will and enhancing your intuitive capabilities. Experience a newfound sense of confidence and self-esteem as Pietersite's supportive and strengthening energies envelop you, guiding your extraordinary potential within.


Crafted with precision and passion, the Namibian Pietersite Beaded Bracelet embodies the spirit of exclusivity. Each piece is unique, showcasing the unparalleled beauty and characteristics of top-grade Pietersite. Whether you seek a distinctive accessory for a special occasion or desire to elevate your everyday style, this bracelet transcends mere fashion, becoming an extension of your identity and a reflection of your extraordinary taste.


Order this exclusive piece today and embark on a journey that illuminates your path to greatness with this one-of-a-kind gemstone bracelet, exclusively available at Spherica.