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Beaded Skull Bracelet with Dendritic Opals & Black Onyx


Reach for the stars with our new, unique, and daring Men's Beaded Skull & Dendritic Opal Bracelet!


  • Premium hand-selected Dendritic Opals from Australia
  • Faceted black onyx
  • Sterling Silver detailed skull focal bead
This piece from the new Men's Fall '23 collection dares you to take risks and be bold. Make a statement - conquer the world!

Historically, the dendritic opal spiritual meaning is tied to magic and power. In the Middle Ages, people believed these stones held mystical energies, allowing whoever held one to see their truest self. Nobles would carry them as a status symbol, also believing the stone could help them stay in power.

Made to order for a perfect fit. Ships direct to you within 3 business days. Choose your size from the sizing chart.