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Beaded Silver Palm Leaves, Rare Fossil Coral & Aquamarine Beryl Bracelet


Stones: Premium black fossilized coral mined in Indonesia, Top grade Brazilian Aquamarine beryl slices

Metal:  925 sterling silver/Rhodium Palm Leaves beads

Gauge: 10 MM

Closure: Strung on stretch cord

Style No: SSOK-19 Beaded

Stones for Life Guarantee! Every piece you purchase from Spherica grants you the ability to rework these limited-edition Tahitian pearls and gemstones into any future customized piece or restrung at any time on either stretch cord, or onto any of our many premium cloth cord colors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We happily cover the cost to restring any beaded bracelet you buy so your jewelry is always fresh, fits perfectly and looks it’s very best. 

The Backstory:

Introducing Our Premium Silver Palm Leaves, Rare Black Fossil Coral & Aquamarine Beryl Bracelet: A Talisman Masterpiece for the Modern Man

Unlock the allure of rare and extraordinary gemstones with our premium Fossil Coral beaded bracelet. Indulge in the elegance of rare black fossil coral and sterling silver eternity knot bead set with black onyx stones. This limited-edition piece is tailored to celebrate the adventurer, who seeks the utmost in uniqueness, exclusivity, and sophistication when it comes to gemstone jewelry.

Fossil coral, an exquisite natural gemstone formed by ancient corals, holds within it the breathtaking beauty and mystique of the oceanic realm. This stone, borne through the ages by a process spanning over 20 million years, is a testament to the marvels of our planet's geological wonders. The preserved skeletons of marine corals, transformed by silica-rich waters into agate, give rise to the captivating burst-like patterns adorning the fossil coral. Each bracelet showcases the intricate artistry of nature's hand, making it a true masterpiece to behold.

Coral, revered since the dawn of civilization, has been regarded as a gemstone possessing enigmatic, powerful, and sacred properties. The Gauls, known for their bravery and wisdom, adorned their helmets and weapons with coral gems, firmly believing in its protective energies. In ancient Egypt, coral was placed within the tombs of the departed, serving as a shield against malevolent spirits. Embrace the rich historical legacy of this gem and carry with you the embodiment of strength, wisdom, and ancient symbolism.

Our Aquamarine Beryl slices are mined in Brazil, the origin of some of the world’s finest gemstones. Aquamarine is the stone of courage. In ancient times, Aquamarine was thought to protect those at sea. It was believed to make sailors fearless and safe from adversaries on the open waters. It’s tranquil blue color is both calming and elegant.

Adorned with our sterling silver palm leaf beads, this bracelet captures adventurous mojo and day into evening style. Inspired by the tropical influences of the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands we call home.

Embrace the rare, extraordinary gist of nature’s finest with our premium black fossil coral and Aquamarine bracelet. Elevate your personal style and know that we appreciate being able to create pieces that celebrate your unique story too.

Order your piece today and embrace the essence of rarity and distinction with our Beaded Bracelets. With our Stones for Life Guarantee, you can also rest assured that we’ve got you covered no matter what life throws your way. Make sure to order your size according to the sizing chart in the images. Any questions? Just reach out. We are always happy to help.