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Beaded Brushed Sterling Silver, Tahitian Pearl & Nipomo Marcasite Bracelet



  • Stones: Premium grade Nipomo Marcasite, Tahitian Pearls
  • Metal:  Solid brushed 925 sterling silver
  • Gauge: 6 MM
  • Closure: Strung on stretch cord

The Backstory:

Introducing the Rare Brushed Silver, Nipomo Marcasite, and Tahitian Pearl Beaded Bracelet: Rare Treasures for the Modern Man

Elevate your style with our exclusive Brushed Solid Sterling Silver, Nipomo Marcasite, and Tahitian Pearl Beaded Bracelet, a true testament to rare gemstone craftsmanship. Mined from deposits in Nipomo, California, this rare and highly sought-after Marcasite gemstone is paired with the exotic Tahitian Pearls to create a truly exceptional piece of limited-edition jewelry that inspires the modern man.

Nipomo Marcasite, with traces ofHealer’s Gold, also known as Apache Gold, is a rare combination of Pyrite (Iron Sulfide) and Magnetite (Iron Oxide) known for it’s rarity and powerful meditative qualities. A very sought-after gemstone from healers and collectors. It’s unique patterns and coloring make this stone truly remarkable and beautiful.

Marcasite is said to invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-reflection. Marcasite gems are said to resonate with higher, more spiritual chakras, stimulate introspection and deepen your connection to your innate wisdom. A talisman of wisdom, bravery, and self-expression, Marcasite empowers you to embrace your true self and fearlessly express your unique voice to the world.

Complementing our Marcasite, our Tahitian Pearls, a symbol of wisdom, exude exotic elegance as a true man’s pearl.

We’ve also added our solid brushed sterling silver beads, giving this bracelet character and style. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this unique design ensures a perfect choice for the modern gent, seamlessly transitioning from daytime to evening occasions, making it an essential accessory for the man who appreciates the finer, uncommon things in life.

Secure your limited-edition Beaded Bracelet today and indulge in the fusion of rare gems and timeless elegance with our Silver, Nipomo Marcasite, and Tahitian Pearl Beaded Bracelet.

Redefine your style and embrace the allure of extraordinary gemstone jewelry made exclusively for Men.