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Beaded Bracelet of Sterling Silver Sacred Geometry Pattern Focal with Rare Australian Black Opals & Faceted German-Cut Hematite


Stones: Rare Australian Black Opals, Faceted German-Cut Hematite

Metal:  925 oxidized sterling silver/Rhodium sacred geometry pattern focal bead 

Gauge: 10 MM

Closure: Strung on stretch cord

Style No: SSOK-36 Beaded

Stones for Life Guarantee! Every piece you purchase from Spherica grants you the ability to rework these limited-edition gemstones into any future customized piece or restrung at any time on either stretch cord, or onto any of our many premium cloth cord colors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We happily cover the cost to restring any beaded bracelet you buy so your jewelry is always fresh, fits perfectly + looks it’s very best. 

The Backstory:

Introducing the Opulent Australian Black Opal Beaded Bracelet: Unveiling the Majesty of Rare Elegance

It’s no wonder why Opal lovers covet this incredible yet mysterious stone from Australia’s Lightening Ridge.  Experience the pinnacle of luxury and distinction with our premium Australian Black Opal Beaded Bracelet, meticulously crafted for the modern man. Tailored exclusively for those who seek the extraordinary, this gemstone jewelry piece embodies a level of rarity and uniqueness.


The Australian Black Opal, October’s birthstone, has been hailed as the "king of opals." Discovered in 1902 in the mystical Lightning Ridge of New South Wales, Australia, Black Opal bears an illustrious legacy. Revel in its majestic play of color, within the dark body of each Opal stone you can witness the mesmerizing phenomenon known as "play of color." Renowned as the most precious variety of opal, the black Opal radiates an ethereal rainbow of sparkling color flashes, earning it the poetic names "Tears of the Gods" and "Crystalized Stones from Sacred Waters."


Our exquisite black opals exhibit a dazzling spectacle of vibrant greens, fiery reds, and blues, creating an extraordinary display that comes to life when touched by sunlight. Prepare to be enraptured by their enchanting allure as they grace your wrist, a testament to the harmonious fusion of natural artistry and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Complementing the extraordinary beauty of black opals, our bracelet features the timeless elegance of German-cut Hematite. These highly protective stones further enhance the allure of this bracelet's unique design.


Meticulously handcrafted with utmost attention to detail, our Australian Black Opal Beaded Bracelet showcases a focal bead of solid sterling silver/Rhodium with an oxidized sacred geometry pattern.


Indulge in the captivating magic of opals and order your piece today. Elevate your personal style and make a statement of distinction with our black Opal bracelet.