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24K Gold Vermeil & Premium Opal Earrings

Rare, stunning, and absolutely perfect! These outstanding quality Ethiopian Welo Opal earrings are so exceptional we rarely ever see quality Opals of this caliber. These premium hand-cut Opals are almost clear, super clean, and have nothing but vibrant fire from every direction. 

Their beautiful blue-green fire is accentuated with rich 24K gold vermeil beads and accented with fine gold chains.  These earrings are a stunning compliment to the one-of-a-kind necklace and bracelet.

The Opal was poetically called "Pandora," "Light of the World," and "Queen of Gems." In ancient times, this stunningly beautiful stone was believed to possess all the characteristics of all gemstones and is used because it represents hope, clarity, and truth.


Metal: 24K Gold vermeil

Length: 3 inches total length

Size: 5mm Opals

Closure: 24K gold vermeil shaped hook