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Stunning 24K Gold & Pink Spinel Cascading Pendant Necklace

One of 3 different Cascading Pendant Necklaces in this collection, we’ve cut brilliant, vibrant smooth teardrops of luscious hot pink Spinel into a cascade of beautiful drops that suspend perfectly with our golden sunrays pendant,

These gorgeous vibrant juicy pops of color from this necklace are truly unique and beautiful. The beautiful rich buttery soft vibrant 2mm Rolo chain is finished with our classic matching gold magnetic sphere that is set with beautiful white Topaz pave.

The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink represents unity, friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability.

Known as the stone of revitalization, Spinel is also believed to encourage great passion, devotion, and longevity. Spinel is associated with the Root Chakra, believed to increase physical energy and stamina.

Make sure to grab the gorgeous earrings with these same pink Spinel stones. Also, check out our London Blue Topaz and Alexandrite versions of this outstanding design. Also great layered with our beautiful 24K gold vermeil chain.

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Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil (925 Fine Silver with 2.5 microns 24K gold)

Measurements: 19” total length of body chain, plus an additional 4” pendant drop length

Closure Style: strong magnetic sphere clasp

Gemstone: Approximately 51 total carat weight of AAAA Pink Spinel, AAA Pink Sapphire teardrop at bottom of pendant