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24K Gold Vermeil & Stunning Sri Lankan Pink Spinel Set Special!




When we test-drove this new set with a group of powerful women, it was literally voted top in class. Our new signature lariat necklace, statement bracelet, and earrings showcase the very best gemstones featuring these insanely brilliant light pink Spinels! Each hand cut by our female lapidary Chandra in Jaipur, India.

These Spinels originate from Sri Lanka and are quite possibly the perfect rosebud light blush pink shade. Absolutely radiant, glowing, and gorgeous!

The Lariat is truly outstanding with a mix of pink Spinel cuts from the cushions to the large teardrops. Feminine. Captivating. What more can we say? We're obsessed! 100% love & light. Wear with the tail to the front or with a long backless dress down the back.

The statement bracelet is truly stunning and one of a kind. Made to order in your exact size.

The earrings are dainty and beautiful with just the perfect unique feminine look.


Metal: 24k gold vermeil

Stones: Light pink Spinel (origin Sri Lanka) main stones are geometrical step-cut cushions, that measure approximately 12mm square each. Additional 4-carat teardrops are used in all pieces. 

Length: The main necklace body is 20 inches in total length, and the Lariat tail is 10 additional inches; The bracelet is made to order to your size, please choose using the bracelet sizing guide located in the product images; earrings measure approximately 4 inches total length with whispy tails.

Closure: Hammered 24K gold vermeil hook and sphere

With it's association to passion, love, and energyPink Spinel is also said to boost confidence and motivation. Pink spinel is a very feminine and romantic gemstone. It is associated with love, tenderness, and compassion.