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The Ultimate Long Pearl Remix Necklace: Featuring Blue Topaz

We’ve taken the pearl necklace to a whole new level of modern sophistication inside this exciting new collection. 

With a high degree of individual expression and unique characteristics, this long pearl necklace has been completely reinvented into the ultimate new collectible piece.

This ocean-inspired new classic features exquisite smaller pearls (6mm approx) with gorgeous sections of various cuts of fine London Blue Topaz and brushed 24K gold in the body of the necklace. The layered pendants we created for these remixes incorporate unique elements into the pendant section, including a solo ultra-premium Flameball pearl, and 4 gorgeous spheres of faceted London Blue Topaz that suspends from our 24K gold vermeil chain.

Handcrafted and made to layer with other gorgeous pieces in this collection or worn solo, this bold new classic was made just for you to stand out and celebrate the exceptional one-of-a-kind that is you!

Make sure to see our other variations of these long pearl remixes. Available in different gemstones, colors, and styles as well as our other complimentary gemstone and pearl combo chokers.

Aside from the pearl being June’s birthstone, beautiful blue Topaz, the gemstone of loyalty and love, like the pearl, is also linked with wisdom, communication, and finding the perfect routes to success and precious opportunities. Believed to alleviate fears and worries and invite you to embrace your noble self, trust your power, and connect with your own kind of good fortune.

Topaz has a long and opulent history and has long been coveted by artisans and aristocrats. 

Originating from the Sanskrit word for fire. The Egyptians considered Topaz to be where the Sun God Ra poured his powers. Tribes from the jungles of South America believed Blue Topaz was a cure for all kinds of illnesses. In the middle ages, people believed Topaz had the power to break curses or reverse spells, believing it to be stronger than magic.

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Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil (925 Fine Silver with 2.5 microns 24K gold)

Measurements: 40 inches total body length, plus 4” pendant total drop length

Closure Style: lobster clasp

Gemstone: Approximately 38 total carats of AAAA London Blue Topaz, AAA grade fine Freshwater Pearls