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Rare Cobalt Blue Spinel Signature Wrap Necklace

With perfect symmetry and fluidity, each of our versatile wrap necklaces features a focal section of show-stopping gemstones that acts as an adjustable choker with longer chains that flow down the neckline ending in playful gemstone tassels.

Designed for stunning beauty and unique, elegant style. A rare and beautiful blue Spinel gem from the region of Luc Yen, Vietnam. Our Cobalt blue Spinel smooth drops are reminiscent of rainforest waterfalls.

Designed into our signature wrap necklace with our 24k Gold Vermeil, this gorgeous cobalt blue Spinel is hand-selected for its perfect watery shapes and graduated hues of beautiful blue color. 

Our wrap necklace is a gorgeous unique Spherica signature design, using one long continuous piece that can be worn as shown wrapped and closed in front, or worn open and long down the back with a backless dress.


Length: 18" long when worn wrapped, and completely open measures 54" from end to end
Stones: Rare Cobalt Blue Spinel, mined in Luc Yen Mine, Vietnam
Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil
Closure: Gold Magnetic Clasp
Matching pieces: Bracelet and Earrings, rings are available as bespoke designs

Cobalt Blue Spinel is rare and gaining yet gaining in popularity. It has the earth's natural chemical element Cobalt to thank for its amazing exceptional vibrant blue color. Known as the stone of sincerity, enhancing communication and fostering harmony in relationships.