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Premium Namibian Pietersite Talisman Bracelet #8


About your piece:

One of the rarest and finest gemstones for men is the exotic beauty that is Namibian Pietersite.

Becoming rarer, top-grade Pietersite is very limited in supply, especially for these one-of-a-kind blue and gold stones.

The rarest and most coveted variety of Pietersite is our “smoky blue”.

Pietersite is said to be the ultimate talisman stone, holding the keys to the kingdom. These stones range in colors from black-blue, and grey-blue to swirls of rich gold. Truly outstanding and of the highest quality.

This powerful gemstone combination design features beautiful Pietersite barrels, 2 round Arfvedsonite gemstones that amplify manifestation powers, and beautiful high polished Hematite beads that are the chosen stone for strength and protection. 

This one-of-a-kind design is strung on our jeweler’s stretch cord.

Choose your perfect size option from our easy measuring instructions found in the product images and order your exact size today. 

Looks excellent stacked with our other Pietersite bracelets or paired with an elegant watch.

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Style no: mw21-bbtpetnm

Metal: none

Diameter: 8mm

Style: stretch

Gemstone: AAAA grade “smoky blue” variety of Namibian Pietersite, AAA grade black Arfvedsonite, AAA grade high polished Hematite