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Exotic Wood & Silver Obsidian “Volcanic Glass” Bracelet


About your piece

Obsidianis a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed when lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth.

Said to absorb negative energies, our Obsidian gemstone is a powerful stone that we in Hawaii treasure as a naturally occurring volcanic treasure we love in our jewelry. 

This beautiful silver sheen in our premium Obsidian is truly radiant. 

Paired with our fragrant Siamea wood, and fine 925 sterling silver. Strung on jewelers stretch cord, this piece emits strength and resilience.

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Style no: mw21-slvobswd

Metal: fine 925 silver

Diameter: 6mm

Style: stretch

Gemstone: AAAA grade silver Obsidian, AAA grade exotic Siamea wood