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One-Of-A-Kind Red Flame Pietersite


This outstanding 100% handcrafted flame Pietersite pendant is a once-in-a-blue-moon find! Pietersite is the ultimate power stone and true talisman stone. Our top gemstone choice for men.

Mined direct in Namibia, Africa. This premium quality rare, highly chatoyant gemstone was hand-cut and polished, and set into a heavy, solid brushed, and oxidized silver pendant design. The red and orange flame patterns in this piece appear to dance from their highly chatoyant properties when worn. 

The snake chain is also fine 925 oxidized silver. 22” long. Truly exclusive, one of a kind as this is the only one available. 

Style No: mw21-rdflmpiets

Metal: Solid fine 925 silver, oxidized and brushed

Diameter: chain 2.2mm

Style: lobster clasp

Gemstone: AAAAA+ red flame Pietersite hand-selected, premium, an extremely rare piece from Namibia