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Siamea Wood & Blue Lapis Bracelet


About your piece:

Wood is one element that makes up the five-element system used in feng shui. The Wood element is crucial for rebalancing vitality,growth,and kindness. Wood energy is also related to flexibility and human-heartedness.

This rare exotic wood bracelet features gorgeous rich geometrical cuts of Lapis Lazuli mined deep in the mountains of Afghanistan. This vibrant deep blue stone resembles the night sky, filled with stars. Its properties are associated with strength, courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect, and truth.

Accented with bright 925 sterling silver beads, this piece is sure to be a favorite in your collection. 

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Looks excellent stacked with other bracelets or paired with an elegant watch.

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Style No: mw21-

Metal: Fine 925 oxidized silver

Diameter: 10mm

Style: on jewelers stretch cord 

Gemstone: AAA grade Lapis Lazuli mined in Afghanistan, top-grade select Siamea Wood