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Exceptional Rare Purple Sapphire, Premium Pink Amethyst & 24K Gold Lariat

This exquisite and extremely rare purple sapphire and faceted pink amethyst lariat necklace in 24k gold vermeil are handcrafted from start to finish. It takes us approximately 2 days to complete one of these beautiful pieces.

This gorgeous and versatile Lariat can be worn several different ways: long down the front, or long down the back with a backless dress, tied or doubled. The versatility is yours.

Inspired by wild island orchids and the Hawaiian lei, this incredible necklace is a stunning value-priced piece inside the O'ahu Soul collection.

The purple sapphire is known as a stone of royalty and wisdom, while the pink amethyst is said to promote love, peace, and relaxation. This necklace is abundant in multiple gemstones, making it a great statement piece and a value for the price.

This necklace is not only beautiful but also spiritually grounding and empowering. Wear it as a reminder of your personal power and connection to all that is love.

So don't hesitate - grab this one-of-a-kind necklace before it's gone!

Item no: ww21-pursapamln

Metal: 24k gold vermeil

Measurements: 48”

Style: long lariat

Gemstone: premium grade AAAA purple Sapphires, premium grade AAAA Pink Amethyst