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Beaded Sterling Silver Focal, Black Tourmaline & Blue Opal Bracelet

  • Stones: Premium Black Tourmaline mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil & Blue Opal
  • Metal:  925 sterling silver/rhodium bead set with black Onyx and Blue Turquoise
  • Gauge: 10 MM
  • Closure: Strung on stretch cord
  • Order in your custom size according to the sizing chart located in. the product images


Stones for Life Guarantee! Every piece you purchase from Spherica grants you the ability to rework these limited-edition gemstones into any future customized piece or restrung at any time on either stretch cord, or onto any of our many premium cloth cord colors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We happily cover the cost of restring any beaded bracelet you buy so your jewelry is always fresh, fits perfectly and looks its very best. 



The Backstory:

Introducing the Beauty of Premium Brazilian Black Tourmaline & Blue Opal: Caribbean Elegance

No other black gemstone comes close to premium black Brazilian Tourmaline. With its perfect smooth high polish, it has a luxurious and almost translucent look that is completely unique to this gorgeous black gemstone. This limited-edition piece, meticulously crafted in our Caribbean studio in Barbados, was designed to infuse a touch of Caribbean blue.


Immerse yourself in the protective embrace of Black Brazilian Tourmaline, a stone revered for centuries as a talisman. With unparalleled beauty and captivating presence, Black Brazilian Tourmaline is said to neutralize negative energies and absorb electromagnetic frequencies.


Adorning this remarkable bracelet is a single Blue Opal, reminiscent of the unforgettable and mesmerizing hues of the Caribbean. Like a gentle breeze caressing the ocean, the Blue Opal brings a touch of serenity and tranquility. Its radiant color complements the solo Blue Turquoise, elegantly set within the 925 sterling silver sphere. The striking combination of Blues with Black Tourmaline attracts the eye and adds a touch of vibrant energy to this remarkable piece.


We select only the finest gemstones for their exquisite quality and vibrant energy, allowing you to wear a truly exceptional piece of jewelry. The 925 sterling silver sphere, intricately set with Black Onyx and Blue Turquoise, serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and adds an elegant touch to the overall design.


Order your piece today and embrace the essence of rarity and distinction with our Beaded Bracelets. With our Stones for Life Guarantee, you can also rest assured that we’ve got you covered no matter what life throws your way. Make sure to order your size according to the sizing chart in the images. Any questions? Just reach out. We are always happy to help.