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24K Gold Vermeil Lotus Flower Earrings w/ Fancy Pink Amethyst Duo Drop Jacket Backings

Simply stunning, soft, feminine, top quality fancy cut pink Amethyst so gorgeous it makes you stop and stare. 

These beautiful gemstones are literally eye-clean beauties that are rare and absolutely near perfect in every way. 

These gorgeous earrings are quite versatile. The 24K Gold vermeil Lotus Flower Studs are amazing on their own. But we have designed premium silicone backings that house the duo drops of pink amethyst that hang delicately from the backings.

You can wear the Lotus Flower Studs alone by themselves, or change the backings to wear with any other studs you own! The power to choose is yours, sister.


Length: Total length 2 1/2 inches  

Stones: Gorgeous premium hand-cut pink amethyst from our master female lapidary Chandra in Jaipur

Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil 

Beautiful pink Amethyst instills emotional balance and overall peace. This stone is known to instill feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace. Increased intuition and clarity. Making it quite possibly one of the most empowering female gemstones.