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24K Gold Vermeil Long Threader Earrings with Angel Skin Coral Branches

The beauty and luxury of genuine Angel Skin Coral is second to none. Beloved since ancient times for its feminine beauty, Angel Skin Coral belongs in the rarest circle of extraordinary gems.

Angel Skin Coral is the romantic name for the light pink coral found in the seas around Japan, Taiwan, and Hawaii. So rare is this remarkable Precious Coral, that a single strand of perfectly matched beads could sometimes take decades to gather and match.


These simple yet elegant long threader earrings hold a tiny bouquet of delicate angel skin coral branches at their ends.


Metal: 14K Gold Filled 

Stone: Precious, rare, genuine Angel Skin Coral branches with excellent natural peach color

Size: Coral branches measure up to 1/2 inch in length; Ear threaders are 4 inches in total length and come with silicone backings