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24K Gold Seahorse & London Blue Topaz Jacket Hoop Earrings

The most remarkable of all sea creatures is the wondrous, playful seahorse. Here we capture this playful sea creature in these uniquely designed earrings. 

The seashores have a stud backing while the earring backing is the jacket that holds the hoop with a London Blue Topaz solitaire and beautiful flowing dainty 24K gold chains. 

Very delicate and can be worn separately on days you just wish to wear the seahorse solo. Additional earring backing is provided for this purpose.

Beautiful and truly one of a kind. Long considered a good luck or good fortune charm by sea divers, the seahorse is also considered a symbol of strength and power. 

Blue Topaz, the gemstone of loyalty and love is also linked with wisdom, communication, and finding the perfect routes to success and precious opportunities. Believed to alleviate fears and worries and invite you to embrace your noble self, trust your power, and connect with your own kind of good fortune.

Topaz has a long and opulent history and has long been coveted by artisans and aristocrats. 

Originating from the Sanskrit word for fire. The Egyptians considered Topaz to be where the Sun God Ra poured his powers. Tribes from the jungles of South America believed Blue Topaz was a cure for all kinds of illnesses. In the middle ages, people believed Topaz had the power to break curses or reverse spells, believing it to be stronger than magic.

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Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil (925 Fine Silver with 2.5 microns 24K gold)

Measurements: 2 ¼” total drop

Closure Style: stud

Gemstone: Approximately 4 total carat weight of AAAA London Blue Topaz