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Raw Blue Diamond & Mandarin Orange Garnet Necklace


About your piece:

Part of our Oahu Soul Collection, inspired by our beautiful ocean sparkling in the afternoon sun, lava rock cliffs, and unforgettable sunsets.

These premium raw Diamond necklaces feature beautiful rare blue Diamonds accented with just the right colors of black Diamonds and rare mandarin orange Garnets.

Also available in reverse pattern in black Diamonds with blue and Mandarin orange Garnet accents.

The clasp is made from fine oxidized 925 silver.

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Style no: mw21-bldiambl

Metal: fine 925 oxidized silver

Diameter: 2.5mm

Style: fine silver clasp

Gemstone: AAAA grade raw blue diamonds, AAAA grade raw black diamonds, AAAA Mandarin orange spessartine garnets