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Rare Alexandrite & Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings

These stunning, luxurious earrings are inspired by tropical orchids and handcrafted with the finest Alexandrite cuts.

Alexandrite is among the 5 rarest and most remarkable gemstones in the world. Revered for its gorgeous color-changing effect from blue-green/light purple to darker reddish purple depending on the lighting.

The colors seen in Alexandrite are caused by chromium – the same mineral element that causes the red color of rubies and the green color of emeralds.

We’ve paired these beautiful stones with beautiful Tahitian pearls that cast an eggplant hue that echoes the colors of the Alexandrites.

Truly one-of-a-kind stones, with our signature drop design that will never be replicated.

Approximately 38 carats of Alexandrite stones in each earring.

Order your Alexandrite & Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings today and experience the beauty and luxury of these stunning earrings!

Style No: Ww21-48alxtplde

Metal: Fine Silver 925

Measurements: 3”

Closure Style: fine silver ear wires

Gemstone: AAAA Grade Alexandrite, AAA Grade Tahitian Pearl