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Premium 24K Gold Vermeil & Rare Alexandrite Toggle Bracelet


Captivating Alexandrite, one of the world's most incredible color-changing gemstones, and June's birthstone, is designed into unique pieces in our Caribbean studio.

Our Alexandrite is sustainably lab-grown in Switzerland, 100% authentic Alexandrite, exhibiting all the beautiful characteristics of this amazing gem in near-perfect quality. 

Its range of colors is always changing depending on the lighting source. Blueish-green purple to red-purple hues are what you will commonly see in this rare and special gemstone depending on the light source.

This gorgeous bracelet features nearly 48.5 carats of near-perfect faceted drops that are all hand-selected for their exact sizes. expertly hand-crafted and made to order in your exact size requirement. Please see the product images to locate the sizing guide and select your exact custom size.


Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil

Length: Custom-made to your exact size requirement. Please see the sizing guide located in the product images to select your exact custom size.

Stones: Sustainably lab-grown (Switzerland) 100% authentic Alexandrite

Closure: 24K gold vermeil toggle clasp

Alexandrite is said to be the gemstone of glorious luck, prosperity, and intellect. Representing the balance between the physical and the spiritual, bringing you into the balance of who you are. Considered to be a stone of excellent omen.